Bubble Gum & Candy

Possible Abstractions by Rodney Graham

For my first post, I thought I would post something that truly inspired me.  Not only does it make my mouth water because it reminds me of bubble gum and candy, but a few years ago, I had the privilege of seeing the entire process of how this art series was made.

The dedication, hours and hours of mental and physical labour that went into it changed my entire view on how art is created and produced. Possible Abstractions is a series by Canadian artist Rodney Graham.  His art is loved by many, including myself. Currently showing at the Rennie Collection Gallery at the Wing Sang until October 4th 2014.


Possible Abstractions by Rodney Graham

Possible Abstraction Pair 1, 2007, presents two almost identical lacquer abstract compositions on wood panels, whose various elements and their voluptuous frames could humorously play on Francis Picabia’s mechanomorphic works or the wood reliefs of Jean Arp. The paintings are part of a larger series, which takes the parody on abstraction further by proposing different combinations of the same elements. The work proceeds from a cartoon Graham found in a 1950s men’s pulp magazine, where two persons are standing in front of almost identical caricatured representation of two abstract paintings by the artist “Picado” made about 40 years apart. One man says to the other: “If You Ask Me, His Earlier Paintings Were Much Better.” This sketch is taken up by Graham in the silkscreen edition that accompanies the work.

- Taken from Lisson Gallery

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