Addictions: Tod’s Gommino Shoes

Tods_GomminosI have many addictions, but by far shoes are my weakness.  In March I found out that I was nine weeks pregnant. In May, I really started showing and my feet felt like they grew a size. To my dismay, I couldn’t wear 80% of my shoe collection.

I am now six months pregnant and the only shoes that I can wear are made by Tod’s. So in the closet I went and dug up all my Tod’s shoes and the winner were the Gommino Shoes (aka: The Driver Shoe).


PS. My advice to anyone who is pregnant. Purchase a couple of theses bad boys and you’re good for nine months. Casual or dressy, they have a ton of different colours to choose from. My favourite is to add a pop of colour to my never ending, black, white and grey clothes.



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